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Why Nursing Assistants are the Backbone of our Nursing Homes

From L to R: Bob Bishop, Samantha Murphy, Bob Speelman

October 12, 2017

NOTE: The following story was written by Bob Speelman, owner of Sidney Care Center, and Atlas Healthcare Solutions. Each week he works with nursing assistants at one of his facilities and shares his experience on his blog. Check out his awesome story below.

I had the opportunity to work today at Sidney Care Center, our 51 bed facility in Sidney, Ohio. I worked with Samantha Murphy, an STNA since 1993. Sam pretty much grew up in nursing homes because her mother was a Registered Nurse, and she would take Sam to work with her many times to help out. Sam would help with activities, pass ice and do all kind of things to help the residents and staff. For Sam, the nursing home was a second home, and providing care for others was simply part of her life. Her transition to becoming a nursing assistant was just natural, and to work with her you could tell giving care came from her heart. Sam knew her residents at Sidney well and when I was having difficult understanding or communicating with some of them, Sam knew immediately what they wanted or needed.

Before I began my STNA journey, I always knew that I appreciated nursing assistants. They are the backbone of our company and our facilities. But now having worked beside them for several months and seeing what they really do and how intimately they know our residents and how quickly they can tell when one of them isn’t feeling good, my appreciation has turned to a profound admiration and respect. Many of our STNA know our residents better than anyone, including nurses and doctors. Not to say they have better clinical or medical insight, but they know the whole person. They notice subtle things that change before anyone else. They are a key member of our care team and need to be seen as such. Good nurses know this and they share a mutual respect with their nursing assistant teammates.

Thanks Sam for letting me spend the day with you and learn from you. You have a huge heart for our residents. You gave a lot of hugs, smiles, kisses and care today. You gave of yourself.

I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.

- Maya Angelou

Bob Speelman, STNA

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